All Markets

Based on your responses, you in essence have all investment vehicles available to you.  Our experience is the majority of traders will be involved in more than one investment vehicle.  Your ability to trade is primarily limited by your available time to be involved in the markets.  Our program does focus on technical trading however for the fundamental trader, we have found incorporating technical strategies, in the majority of cases will improve your results.

For the experienced trader that has been challenged in achieving consistent results, we would recommend that you continue to use the strategies that you are familiar with.  We foresee two options for further training:

  •  Take specific courses that complement your existing trade strategies, as we have often found that this will improve results.  We would strongly recommend that you consider training on trade plan development, as the majority of traders have a sound trading strategies, it is their trading rules in terms of money management that negatively impact their trading results.  Additional training on other strategies can then be considered, once you achieve consistent results.

We can provide assistance in trade plan review and recommendations for specific courses to assist you in your development.

  •  We have also found that traders have often developed their trade plans through courses that provide training on specific techniques. In the majority of cases these traders have never completed a foundation course for technical trading.  Two of our principals struggled for years until they completed a foundation course and now enjoy consistent trading results.  They can provide you with their experience and insight, if you desire.

The foundation course we offer requires an extensive time commitment and will be ideal for traders that wish to significantly improve their trading results or are intending to pursue trading as a career.  We can provide you with a support that is tailored to your situation.