Step 1:

Sign into your Collective2 account

Step 2:

Activate Auto Trading

Step 3:

Select your trading account or open a new one. Interactive Brokers is the preferred broker.

Note: you will need a margin account to trade these signals.

Note: It is highly recommended you trade a paper account to start.


Step 4:

Setup your trading options. Important note on trade size:

The strategy will have between 10 and 20 positions open depending on market conditions. It is important to set your trade size accordingly.

In this case, the trade size was set to $1,200 which will allow for all possible 20 positions to be traded in a $25,000 account.

For a different account size, simply divide your equity by 20.

It is recommended you do not setup a hard $ stop loss and set the scaling to 100%. The strategy will sell automatically on a market drawdown.*

* There are no guarantees of loss amount.