Step by step guide how to setup auto trading with Collective 2

Important: Financialxcel is not a registered investment advisor with the SEC. There are no guarantees regarding returns or risk of loss. Collective 2 will require that you fill out a form agreeing to have Collective 2 trade on your behalf and that you understand the risks involved in trading. 

Step 1:

Sign up for our system on Collective2: Please use coupon code UGQD75424 when entering your credit card info!

Their fee is $49.00 per month for auto trading.

Step 2:

Sign into your Collective2 account if you have not already.

Step 3:

Activate AutoTrade

Step 4:

Choose the AutoTrade plan. It is recommended you start with the solo plan.

Step 5:

Select a broker that is compatible with their system. Interactive Brokers is our recommended platform because of their low fees and great service. Note: you will need a stock margin account to trade these signals. These trades can also be made in an IRA or SEP.

Step 6:

Setup your position sizing.

The system is built on a model portfolio of $20,000. Should your portfolio be either larger or smaller than that number, you will need to tell Collective 2 the percentage you wish to trade by changing the Auto Trade Scaling setting.

For instance: If your account size is $10,000, then you would set the Auto Position Sizing to 50%. If your account is $40,000, then your auto position sizing would be 200%.

Note: To trade accounts larger than $20,000, you will need to upgrade your auto trading package from the base $49.00 monthly fee.

Here is a help page to walk you through all the settings.