Beginning: Busy and Full Time

This is one of the most difficult paths a beginning trader can take and is going to require some patience on your part. Trading for a living is possible for anyone, but it typically takes someone at least 2 years of study, practice trading and demonstrated results before you can even think of cutting the plug on your current income.

The good news is that there are a growing number of ethical trading firms that will allow you to trade their money or even offer you a job on their trading desk if you can prove that you have a real knack for trading and can demonstrate consistent profits. We have developed a relationship with a few firms and would be happy to introduce you, when you are ready.

It takes a tremendous amount of dedication, as only about 1-3% of all traders make it to this level. But like anything in life that is hard, the payoff is huge.

For those that want to go down this path, we have two options for you:

  • We offer a Funded Trader Education program that is specifically designed to train you how to trade for others. ┬áThis program includes all the benefits of the membership site and is designed so that you can go at your own pace.
  • You can also continue in our membership program which will give you the same training up to a certain point. We recommend upgrading to the Funded Trader Program at that point and we will give you up to a $400.00 credit in your membership dues to apply towards the Funded Trader Program.

Please go HERE to find out more about this one of a kind training.