Level 4 Closes, Candlesticks and Candlestick Math


Candlesticks have been used since the 18th century by Japanese rice traders and only recently adopted by western traders.

Introduction of opening and closing price to bars and classification of bars inclusive of opening and closing price. Review of trading by living candle by candle and the negative impact to trading performance. Dealing with noise in the market and the utilization of candlestick math to mitigate market noise. A Review of candlestick bars and characteristics. Analysis and practical application of candlestick patterns. We use candlesticks in our trading.

Video 1  7:07 Open and Close
Video 2  7:23 Evolution of a Bar
Video 3  10:22 Candlestick Math
Video 4  5:07 Dealing with Noise
Video 5  6:30 Shadows
Video 6  9:50 Dojis and Windows
Video 7  10:24 Traditional Patterns



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