Level 22 Building a Trade Plan

Trade plans are where the rubber meets the road. Without a trade plan, you are flying blind. A good trade plan will thouroghly detail the markets you will trade, how much risk you will take on every trade, your timeframes or chart type, time of day and days of the week, what market state do you prefer and your rules … Read More

Level 21 Trading Gaps The High Probability Way

Gaps are like windows in the market. They occur mostly in markets that are closed overnight. They are excellent to trade, but most traders use them improperly. When the markets are closed or in a slow period, gaps are created. Unlike what you have been told, gaps do not always fill. Here is how to trade smart with gaps. This … Read More

Level 20 Wedges: Advanced Breakout Trade

Wedges are similar to flags and pennant patterns in the markets and use some of the same rules as our Breakout Trades. This is an advanced pattern similar to flag trading patterns. Very advanced and rare pattern. But when it occurs, it is a very high probability trade.Understanding how to trade congestion is just as important as learning how to … Read More

Level 19 Head and Shoulders

This is an advanced reversal pattern. Similar to that what is taught in Double Tops, but with 2 pull backs instead of 1. We developed our own twist that drastically increases the probability of this trade. Traditional reversal trades have such a low probability because the typical trader does not wait for confirmation. This trade provides detailed rules to make … Read More