14 Day Challenge- Step 3: Fibonacci and Gann Levels

Gann Levels

Most traders have heard of the Golden Spiral and using Fibonacci levels in trading. WD Gann was also a visionary, using his research to focus on the markets.  While Gann levels are not as popular in trading, we think that WD Gann discovered levels in the market that are even more powerful today.

We use Gann levels in our Key Reversal Trade for both stops and targets.

These videos provide background and general understanding of Gann/Fibonacci theory.  Discussion on pros and cons of Fibonacci versus Gann.  While the strategies provided in the course provide better results with Gann, the lectures provide you with option of using either indicator.  Focus is between zones that provide high probability price action with other techniques.  

Video 1
34:52 Traditional Fibonacci Levels- Vs Gann
Video 2 39:49 Gann Levels

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