Forex, Futures and Options Suggestion

Forex, futures (mini contracts), and options would be the markets that we suggest you consider.  Both your available funds and the time you can apply to trading, would be the primary considerations.

Depending on what market you decide to trade, the required margins will vary. A good rule of thumb is to not exceed 2 percent of your account in risk for any one trade. For example, if you are trading Crude Oil and your risk is $500 on that trade, then your account needs to be $25,000.  If you risk over 5%,  you are headed for disaster!

This is a link to a post on risk and reward. Please read it!

If you are a novice trader, wish to trade on a technical basis, and desire to become more involved in the markets, we would strongly recommend that you take a foundation course on technical trading.  This would allow you to define your style of trading, while identifying various trade strategies that are compatible with your trading style.  We would recommend that you focus on a couple strategies, allow you to master these strategies, and then incorporate additional methods as your time allows.  We can provide you with assistance in this process.

For the experienced trader that has been challenged in achieving consistent results, we would recommend that you continue to use that strategies that you are familiar with and focus on specific training to improve those strategies.  We would also suggest that you incorporate other trading techniques that would improve the integrity of your trading strategies.  We can review your existing strategies and recommend specific training from this perspective.

You can also consider developing a trade plan that would allow you to become involved in trading using third party funding.  The process involves achieving consistent results with strict loss management strategies.  There are several firms that allow you to trade in simulated conditions, respect their loss management rules while achieving the profit targets.  This is a challenging process and we have experience with both trading and working with these firms.  We can provide you with assistance in pursing third party funding trading.

For traders that approach the market from a fundamental perspective and wish to improve their results, you may wish to consider using technical trade strategies to complement your fundamental approach.