We would suggest the two markets for you to consider are forex and options.  Both markets provide you the ability to define your risk and allow you to casually monitor your trading activity.

The beauty of the Forex Markets and Options is that you can match your risk to almost any size account.

If you are a novice trader, wish to trade on a technical basis, and desire to become more involved in the markets, we would strongly recommend that you take our foundation course on technical trading.  This would allow you to define your style of trading, while identifying various trade strategies that are compatible with your trading style.  We would recommend that you focus on a couple strategies, allow you to master these strategies, and then incorporate additional methods as your time allows.  We can provide you with assistance in this process.

If you are an experienced trader that has been challenged in achieving consistent results, we would also suggest you focus your training to a couple of trade strategies.  With consistent results you have the option to incorporate additional strategies.  We can also recommend courses to assist you in this process.

For traders that approach the market from a fundamental perspective and wish to improve their results, you may wish to consider using technical trade strategies to complement your fundamental approach.

If you have not watched this already, here is a sample course for beginning FX traders. This video is 24 minutes long.