How did your retirement account do last year?

Using AI

Using our AI built stock portfolio.

(Backtested Results)

Standard buy and hold

What most investors experienced.


These numbers are possible by using the brilliance of AI!

Please watch this short video to see how our system works.

AI does not care what direction the market is heading, it still can make money!

Smooth Return

Because this system can go long or short in a standard retirement account, you no longer will care which direction the market is heading.

Inflation Hedge

This system invests in inflationary market sectors including Oil, Gas, Commodities, Real Estate & Ag to keep you protected.


For about the price of a latte per day you can have this amazing system, making you money day or night.

Introducing a way to profit in both market directions

Using both long and short ETF's

Now you can take advantage of both up and down markets by buying long and short ETF's. 

Until recently you could not benefit in down markets unless you were shorting a stock or using complicated options.


In 2008 the markets experienced a drop not seen since the great depression. Short ETF's were born so that regular investors can protect themselves from large downturns.

The beauty is they are treated like stocks, so you are not treated as a short seller.

Each day, the super computer pulls in data from a little known data source called "NAV" data. This government required information is published daily by each ETF and shows if it is undervalued or overvalued. If the NAV is under 0, then that EFT is oversold, the opposite if it is above 0.

Simple pricing

We have made this program so affordable anyone can use it!

Unlimited Trades

Daily signals send out via Telegram

Detailed training how to use the system

Regular Q&A training webinars

Access to unlimited portfolio upgrades

The ability to auto trade (additional fee)

Technical support via email and our help desk


It churns away testing years of NAV data

The computer will then report what it found. "Hey Boss, I found something interesting is this what you wanted?"

We then work as a team, testing different scenarios until we are both happy with the results.

It takes a bit of back and forth dialogue, but well worth the time.

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Who this service was designed for...

  • Someone looking to smooth out their return in both bull and bear markets.

  • Has liquid investable assets of at least $50,000.

  • Willing to be patient as the portfolio builds value over time.

Who this service was not designed for...

  • Someone desperately chasing the next solution to their financial problems.

  • Has very little liquid investable assets.

  • Not willing to let their portfolio build over time.