14 Day Challenge- Step 3: Fibonacci and Gann Levels

Gann Levels Most traders have heard of the Golden Spiral and using Fibonacci levels in trading. WD Gann was also a visionary, using his research to focus on the markets.  While Gann levels are not as popular in trading, we think that WD Gann discovered levels in the market that are even more powerful today.

14 Day Challenge- Step 4: Risk and Reward, Keeping You in the Game

  Its really simple, if you take on too much risk with every trade, you will blow up your account.  If you take on too little risk, you may not even cover your trading costs. What is the correct amount of risk to take? These videos will teach you how to both calculate and mange your risk to find the … Read More

14 Day Challenge- Step 5: Our Key Reversal Trade

Our Key Reversal Trade This trade uses the concepts of Higher Time Frames, combined with Space and Gann Levels. If you skipped ahead, please go back and watch Space, Gann and Risk/Reward videos before watching these videos. Video 1 21:09 Our Key Reversal Trade Strategy Video 2 14:08 Using Divergence and Fibonacci with Key Reversal Video 3 7:30 Recap of … Read More

Very few understand

This is one of the many reasons I like this training, very few understand what we are trying to do. –James M.

I got the red carpet

Bob is ABSOLUTELY 100% behind his students. I had the red carpet, best mentoring I’ve ever had. –Leo F.