How To Manually Trade This System

The trade signals are sent out via Telegram at approximately 6:30 AM Pacific Monday - Friday excluding holidays.

Step1: Sign up with Telegram

Please sign up to our private Telegram Room to start receiving the signals.

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Step 2: Download Telegram for desktop

This makes the signals easier to read.


Step 3: Open an Interactive Brokers account (Optional)

We recommend Interactive Brokers due to their fast execution, low fees and the ability to auto trade should you choose that option.
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Step 4: Sign up with Trading View (Optional)

Trading View Allows you to paper trade leveraged ETF's as well as live trade with Interactive Brokers trade should you chose to continue manually trading the signals.
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Step 5: Learn how to trade the signals.

We have created some short tutorials on how to trade the signals using Trading View or the Interactive Brokers platform
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Trading Tips:

  • Quantity: The suggested quantities are based on a $20,000 hypothetical account. If your account size differs simply divide or multiply the quantity¬† by your portfolio amount. For instance: If you have a $5,000 portfolio, the quantity will be 1/4 of the above number.
  • Missed Trades: If you miss a trade, it is best to wait for the next buy signal. Please keep in mind the system will think you are in a trade and possibly recommend selling a position that you did not take. We are not selling short, so be careful not to sell a position that you are not in if you missed the prior signals.
  • Paper Trading: Many brokers do not support paper trading leveraged ETF's. We recommend using Trading View to test out the signals before trading them in a live account.
  • Number of Positions: The current version is trading 11 positions with different weighting based on the strategy. Meaning each position will have a different weight and not be equal.
  • Have Patience: This is a long term system which (to date) has had 100% winning years and 97% winning months. If you decide to stop trading in a down month, there could be 1 day that makes up for all losses.