14 Day Challenge- Step 5: Our Key Reversal Trade

Our Key Reversal Trade

This trade uses the concepts of Higher Time Frames, combined with Space and Gann Levels. If you skipped ahead, please go back and watch Space, Gann and Risk/Reward videos before watching these videos.

Video 1
21:09 Our Key Reversal Trade Strategy
Video 2
14:08 Using Divergence and Fibonacci with Key Reversal
Video 3
7:30 Recap of Using Gann and Space
Video 4
21:57 Webinar on Gann and Space

This trade is a brief example of the power of Dynamic Price Action Trading™ taught in our Market Masters Member program. You will learn trade setups on exactly what to do in any market condition, not just trending markets.

We are actively recruiting traders who want to trade professionally for a living. We have established relationships with 2 firms who will fund our graduates to trade their money if you pass their criteria.

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Bonus # 1: Our Space Indicator