80% of Trade Volume is Computer Generated!

"Seeking Alpha - 2019"

If you've lost money in the stock market recently, it's NOT Your Fault!

The markets are more sophisticated than ever before...

Giant firms have spent billions on AI and computing infrastructure.

Unless you have something on your side to filter through all the BS, your odds of success in the stock market are worse than a coin toss.

In fact, the reason most traders never make good money is because they're trying to beat a computer. Can you imagine that? A human trying to out-compute a computer? That's like trying to outsprint a car.

Introducing "FinancialXcel" combining the power of a super computer with proprietary signals built by a professional trader.

Designed from the ground up for individual traders.

The trading supercomputer uses a proprietary algorithm to design custom trading strategies that vastly outperform the general market.

Here is how FinancialXcel works:

  • The supercomputer is programmed for what group of stocks to trade. (Individual stocks coming soon)
  • I tell it how often to trade. (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Then tell it my goals are: Fast gains, slow and steady, protect against a market crash, bonds, almost anything.

Then push start.

The AI then churns through 20+ years of data to find the best trading solution for my requirements...and the results are astounding!

Annual returns of 40-60% are typical!*

After testing the AI software for the past 6 months, I found a way to make the strategies provide even smoother results!

I combined the Supercomputer trade signals with my proprietary trade indicator and created a trading system that blows me away!

Please watch the short video below to see the AI and my 'Finding Support" tool in action.

For a limited time, you can sign up for the trade signals for only $1.00 per month for the first 60 days.

You will not be spammed nor will we share your information with anyone!

∗Past results are not indicative of future returns∗