Made 600 ticks in crude oil

Z ( MMichael)


I am writing this to support you, I am not getting pay or receiving any incentive for my writing. It is completely  volunteer to help expose what I think could benefit traders such as myself or others in need of help.

My trading for the Last year  has been hard and inconsistent. I tried  hard, however I was not able to find the right methodology where things make sense the way I wanted. Since starting your training last week,  I have made more than 600 ticks just trading crude oil. However money was not even my concern. It was about understanding how to approach the Market in simplest and clear way. It does not matter if you trade using Market profile or not. Dalton himself said that he is not a profile trader, he just use it to organize market information. So how about if you have a good market information and not knowing  what price action is telling you. This is where all the differences reside. I have approached the Market  with Revenge trade or other type of destructive behavior  because I did not understand well what I was doing or relying on a lot of indicators. Please do not get me wrong. I am not saying they are good or bad. They just did not fit me well at all.  Since I started this course , my market understanding is changing drastically daily from not knowing what I was doing or looking for to an approach that I can understand and follow by just trading price action. The concept developed by CTD as far as of today remain new discoveries for me in the way CTD  use it. Never heard or  saw the way they are using Candlestick the way it is thought in the Class.

This teaching is helping me to work on my psychological stability as well as erasing slowly destructive behavior that was stopping from becoming consistent with Clear Understand of what I am doing. I am starting to believe more in myself and know a bit more when to enter and especially what to look for. The Best part is that, this class is just a start of a 6 Months Master Program  in trading and after only 2 weeks , it makes already all the differences. For sure there are losses and there will be. The most important is to know why it happens..Bottom line ” If you think you know All or Better , there is always somewhere someone better with clear perspective and experience. That is CTD with TST’ . If as well you do not know how to read a Map very well, pretty much, you will find yourself one day where you do not want to be. Remember that ” Success is Journey not a destination”..

Best Trading to All. MMichael