Level 3 Price Action and Swings

dynamic price action

This series of videos will explain the basics of Dynamic Price Action which is the core of our entire program.

For experienced traders, these videos may seem a bit simplistic or redundant. With Dynamic Price Action, it is extremely important to make sure everyone understands the basics first.

Emphasizes focus of pure price action trading. Analysis of individual bar characteristics and then incorporating bar by bar interrelationships. Lectures then move to identification of swings levels and analysis of the swings as with bar by bar relationships. Then incorporates guidelines to identify changes in trend direction. Section is completed with analysis of swings in multi timeframe analysis. Solid foundation for traders of all levels.

Video 1 
10:03 Dynamic Price Action – The Basics
Video 2 
10:20 Other Bars and Range Bars
Video  3 
13:40 Market Swings
Video 4 
8:01 Swings and Trends