14 Day Challenge- Step 2: Using Space as a Filter


This is the next step in our 14 day challenge.

Space is a critical component that all of our students use to select their most profitable trades.

Think of Space as an area where the market does not want to stay.  If you are a directional trader (as most of us are) then Space is one of the most critical things you can learn as a trader.

As with Higher Time Frames you learned in the last lesson, only take Key Reversal trades going into Space. It is trade filter that removes natural stopping points in the market and increases the probability of your trade being successful.

Please watch these videos below:

Video 1   8:13 Space: Our Most Powerful Concept
Video 2   3:54 Nature and Stopping Points
Video 3 3:32 Different Places
Video 4  7:58 Targets

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