Understanding multiple time frames

I just wanted to drop you a line of appreciation.  Although I was a bit weary of spending the dough, I must say that the classes so far have been tremendously informative.

Even in the first three lectures I have gained a wealth of knowledge that I didn’t know, I didn’t know!

For example, I learned that using much longer timeframes could help me to see greater trend moves or to have a much better understanding of price levels & reasons for major reversals or new breakouts.  Once I am active again, I will be looking at the weekly and daily as preparation for my trading during the day.

If even the beginning classes are this informative, I know that this will be an extremely informative and challenging undertaking.  I am glad that it is also enjoyable, as it is obvious the lecturers are enthusiastic about their information sharing since they speak with such gusto.

Looking forward to more classes; keep ’em coming!- Brad M.