Whats New with Market Masters

Dear MMP Members,

After taking Bob and Mike’s course 3 years ago, my trading became so consistency profitable that I created this site to offer their training in a different setting. I thought the world will now flock to our door and embrace what we have to teach… You would think someone in their late 50’s would have thought it through a bit more…

But, guess what? Traders and industry professionals are finally starting to embrace our method of trading, and we are forming partnerships in ways we never expected.

If you have a few minutes, I promise this will be worth your time…

Bob and Mike created this amazing 80+ hour training program on Price Action Trading, in 2013. Which is what we have been offering at Market Masters Member.  I thought the entire world should take the course because of how it opened my eyes to the underlying nature of the markets.

This is the most rewarding opportunity I have had in my life. I am no longer scared by the financial news or the market going crazy.

What has been going on behind the scenes?

A Completely New Trading Product:

Bob and Mike are also teaching Price Action Trading for Nadex which is regulated Binary Options Exchange. This product is emerging as a perfect solution for new traders and traders with small accounts. They are one of their preferred educational providers to teach how to trade with Nadex.

New Brokerage Partner:

We have partnered with Basis Capital Group, an international brokerage company that will offer you personal concierge service for Futures, Forex, Stocks and ETF’s, including software setup for our trading method on the MT4 platform. They offer our members very competitive commissions.

Multi Language Training:

Because of emerging international demand for our training system, we are translating our program into different languages. Once we finish with Spanish, next will be Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese and Arabic.

Group Coaching:

Maybe you just need help with a certain aspect of your trading? Our group coaching will be an affordable venue to have opportunity to interact with one of us directly.

Market Masters Program:

New venue, now with group coaching.


If you would like to share it with your friends, there is a reward system if you would like to become on of our marketing partners.

Trading Professionally (Getting Paid to Trade):

If all goes right, we are launching a paid trading program this summer that focuses on your consistency, and not just profits. If you want to make this a long term career, consistency is the secret.