You gave me the tools

Hi Bob,

I felt a need to send this to you. I am so happy that I found Mike and yourself. This program is great for me.  I am convinced you have provided me with the necessary tools and mindset to become a successful trader.  With Mike’s personal guidance, I am now able to analyze the chart based on pure price action.  Analyzing charts on H4 and Daily time frame has become easier by following the your method to draw the trend-lines.  Furthermore, I have learned how to identify significant levels and i am able to use this levels for my stop placements and target positioning.  Mike teaches the correct way for using standard EMA indicators.  Mike uses his method for multi time frame analysis for trade entry and how to identify if it is a good trade or bad trade. This works for me and i have incorporated it into my own trading methods.

The best part about this program is the daily webinar and the question and answer.  I always believe that to become a successful trader, I need to instill within myself the trader’s mindset and discipline. The  webinars serve this purpose as i am able to compare my own analysis and the coaches are there to ensure that I did the right thing.  They provide positive feedback and encouragement.


C H Lee