Welcome to FinancialXcel!

Quick Start Guide

1) Sign up for our signals

This link will give you access to the system for $1.00 per month for 60 days. After that the fee is $149.00 per month. You can cancel anytime.

Next Steps

2) Learn how to manually trade the signals

Signals are generated during the day depending on market conditions. You will receive an e mail once a trade signal is generated. Signals for Monday will be generated Sunday night.

3) Setup an auto trading account (Preferred)

If you want, you can auto trade the system in a demo or live account. (Easiest method)

There is an additional $49.00 monthly fee from Collective 2.

4) Learn what goes into our signals

A behind the scenes look at the power of FinancialXcel.

5) Follow the system results

The system is traded on Collective 2 and you can follow the actual performance results here.

6) Sign up for our training

Additional training plus notifications for upcoming webinars will be sent out via our email service.

7) Visit our Q&A area

Most of your questions are answered on this page. You are also welcome to access our help desk there as well.